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Luke 7:35-50 Sometimes the question is asked: “I am trying to grow in my faith but why is it that am I becoming more judgmental?” If we have our focus in the wrong place we can subtly slide into focusing more on rule following -what is right and wrong rather than on love. God calls...

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There is no owe; how does that change how we live? Guest Speaker - Michael Thiessen Michael was born in Northern rural Alberta, has lived in Calgary, Vancouver; and Vancouver Island was home up to 2019. Learning to not need to know is his biggest challenge, perhaps because learni...

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Luke 7:36-50 It is easy to pass judgment on others who are different than us or to judge others in order to feel better about ourselves. God calls us to see others through the lens of love not the lens of judgement. Jesse Lerch is the Lead Pastor for the Junction Church. He was b...

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