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2020 – 2021

God has invited us into His Pause and hear His still small voice. Hearing Him in our heart will reset our course, our path and reveal our original identity. God is awakening hidden places of past trauma and painful wounds that have disconnected us from His love. Let Him love you into well-being this year. He is healing the broken hearted and it’s time to make a divine exchange. Give Him your pain, all the lies attached to your wounds and let Him love you and comfort you. His love will make you dance again and return to joy. God is supernaturally connecting His people and healing relationships.

It’s not a time to shoot the wounded or those speaking their pain. Let go of your judgments. Be the divine connection of His love for those disconnected. Speak life to them, not judgment. Go after your connections, the “One” who pours into your life, the “Ones” in your circle, and the “One” you pour your life into. Leave the wilderness of the past, of never putting roots down, wandering or being disconnected from His love and His family.

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