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Join us as we hear from our friend Anastasya Laverdiere, as she shares her heart with us. Anastasya is an award winning songwriter, recording artist and writer. She experienced debilitating anxiety attacks as a result of unhealed pain from childhood and broken relationships. She didnâ€...

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Join us as we hear from one of our Missionaries, Nikole Opiyo as she talks about what God has been doing with them. For more information on our church check out the following links Instagram Facebook To support Junction Church click here:  Giving

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Join us as we listen to Chara's story of being loved and finding her home in Father's heart. "The Father’s love is unwrapping cords of self-consciousness from my heart. Where I was a prisoner to what everyone else thought of me, God’s love is freeing me to receive value from His vi...

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How honest are you willing to be, even just with yourself, on whether you reach for Papa's help when you are in the pits? Life throws us some real curve balls at times and it is easy to feel defeated. Listen in as our friend Kelly Eckes talks about what God has taught her about being in "The...

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